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Eddie | last chance

Eddie | last chance

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Eddie Munson ... The man we didn't know we needed. No but literally I can't believe this  this mullet having nerd of a man was kept from us for so long. I think we can all agree that we are better off having met him. So of course this dark black candle is inspired by our little shit kicker, Eddie. Black in color topped with black glitter has an amazing dark masculine scent. 
The scent is truly how I think he would smell; like a worn leather jacket, a lingering tinge of tobacco, and guy smell. 

- leather
- tobacco 
- smoke, musk

** Due to the nature of soy candles, your candle may have "frosting", white snowflake-like patches. This is just a natural part of soy wax and besides the outwards appearance, your candle will still perform and smell wonderful. Because I, as a small business, small-batch my candles there may be slight variations from batch to batch. These are slight things like the exact color of the candle, but you will always receive a candle that smells and performs amazingly. 

How to care for your candle:
- burn the candle until there is an even melt pool
- keep your wick trimmed to 1/4 inch

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