About BTW Candles & Wax

I'm Domonique, the owner of BTW Candles & Wax . 

 I started this candle company in 2019 after I had been re-reading one of my favorite series; the Grisha Trilogy. The arch nemesis of this series is a mysterious, dark, brooding and supremely evil man named the Darkling. He is sinister and unrelenting and god did he sound sexy. It only seemed natural that my adoration of him would turn into more ... and that it did.



I had heard of book inspired candles, but after looking at what Darkling inspired candles existed, none were exactly capturing the essence of him that I so desperately was looking for. So I took it upon myself and well, the rest is really history.  


Since my shop's inception the shop has expanded to include candles inspired by more than just the characters I wish were more than fiction. I am constantly inspired by the world and people around me. Every candle I pour is special and made with intention to make whoever burns it love every second of it. 

BTW is more than just candles, it's a celebration of the things we love and the smells that take us home or a thousand words into a fictional world. I hope you enjoy ♡