About Books Tabs and Wicks

I'm Domonique, the owner of Books Tabs and Wicks. I started this candle company in 2019 after I was reading the Grisha trilogy for the second time. I found myself daydreaming about one of the side characters, Nikolai. I kept thinking about how if I had a boyfriend I'd want him to smell like sea salt, seaside dried linens, and something just a little bit dark. I wasn't finding any candles that fit what I wanted anywhere and then I quite literally after that I could not get the idea of making a Nikolai candle out of my head. It quickly evolved into a four candle collection of Grisha trilogy candles and since then it hasn't ever really stopped.

Since my shop's inception the shop has expanded to include candles inspired by more than just the characters I wish were more than fiction. I am constantly inspired by the world and people around me. I love making custom candles that are special to people for reasons I may not know, but get to capture in a candle.

Books Tabs and Wicks is more than just candles, it's a celebration of the things we love and the smells that take us home or a thousand words into a fictional world.