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the Upside Down | birch + cold air

the Upside Down | birch + cold air

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The Upside Down is a cold forest of another world broken off from this one. This candle is meant to capture that. It's a dark gray color with a black swirl and bright glitter on top. The Duffer Brothers have created two worlds full of characters we love and monsters we fear and this is an ode to the darker side of this amazing show. It's a cold, soft earthy musk scent.

- birch
- currant, apple
- cold fall air

** Due to the nature of soy candles, your candle may have "frosting", white snowflake-like patches. This is just a natural part of soy wax and besides the outwards appearance, your candle will still perform and smell wonderful. Because I, as a small business, small-batch my candles there may be slight variations from batch to batch. These are slight things like the exact color of the candle, but you will always receive a candle that smells and performs amazingly.

How to care for your candle:
- burn the candle until there is an even melt pool
- keep your wick trimmed to 1/4 inch

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