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the Darkling Whipped Sugar Scrub

the Darkling Whipped Sugar Scrub

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The Darkling is one of our most popular candle scents and so it only made sense that we brought our favorite villain back to life into our body scrub line!

This Darkling is scented with a complex blend of dark musks, encapsulating the elusive and entrancing actions of the Darkling as we know him. I can't imagine he'd smell anything unlike a burning fire with old maps spread across his desk as he plots. Our scrub features a blend of dark black and gold scrub for a fun, unique swirl in every scrub!

- old book pages

- teakwood, amber, patchouli
- dying fire

Body Scrubs contain a blend of good for you butters and oils to provide a hydrating and nourishing cleanse as you exfoliate your skin!
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