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Post Malone Whipped Sugar Scrub

Post Malone Whipped Sugar Scrub

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This scrub is inspired by Post Malone and let’s not act surprised... Literally if you know me at all you, know this isn’t surprising. It was only a matter of time before I brought one of my favorite candles and scents into our body scrub line! If you don’t know me; Hi, I’m Domonique and I’m obsessed with Post Malone. 
This scent is the perfect mix of a strong masculine base and sweet, warm vanilla notes, that to me capture the essence of Post Malone’s personality in juxtaposition with his rockstar style.

This scrub is a beautiful gold color! And no worries, the colors are brilliant in the jar, but wash off in the water and don't leave any staining. 

- sweet vanilla
- rich, warm tobacco

    Our Body Scrubs are made with organic sugar cane designed to give you a perfect polishing buff. They contain a blend of coconut oil, shea butter, & our soap base to give your skin a nourishing, hydrating polish as you buff. I especially love using mine before I shave!
    Body Scrubs are made fresh to order!
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