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Books Tabs and Wicks

Nikolai | orange peel, sea salt, amber, + wood

Nikolai | orange peel, sea salt, amber, + wood

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Nikolai Lanstov, the light of my life and the man of my dreams. I mean can anyone really blame me for that? He's witty beyond measure and was easily one of the highlights while reading the Grisha Trilogy. When I close my eyes and imagine being on the fox prince's pirate ship it smells a lot like this candle; a fresh and sharp oceanic musk. This candle is truly an ode to our most sweet pirate prince with a masculine ocean scent with a blend of clean musk and ocean air.

- orange peel, bay wood
- sea salt, sun dried linen
- amber


Wax melts are perfect if you want to try out a scent before trying out a larger size! They're also perfect to pop in your warmer to enjoy a flame free burn! They make a great alternative to burning candles epically if your dorm or apartment doesn't allow it. Pop a chunk into your warmer and for hours enjoy the strong scent of your choice fill your room.
Books Tabs and Wicks wax melts come in two sizes; 3 Oz. Clamshells or 1.7 Oz. Shot Cups.

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