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Holland | ADSOM | steel sugar + cotton

Holland | ADSOM | steel sugar + cotton

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Holland is such a captivating character. Truly morally gray in nature, trying to achieve good while committing evil, but I can't get enough of him. This candle is green like the color of Holland's eye, untouched by being antair. The scent is a blend of steel sugar and cotton. It's a masculine, clean, and slightly sweet scent that I think captures the meticulous nature of Holland.

- steel sugar
- cotton

How to care for your candle:
- burn the candle until there is an even melt pool
- keep your wick trimmed to 1/4 inch

Due to the natured of soy candles each candle may look different. Your candle may have slight frosting, which will disappear when the candle is burned, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with your candle.
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