Gummy Bear Melts | 3 ounces
Gummy Bear Melts | 3 ounces
Gummy Bear Melts | 3 ounces
Gummy Bear Melts | 3 ounces
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Gummy Bear Melts | 3 ounces

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I had this idea from the moment I walked into Joanns and saw that Gummy Bear mold sitting on the shelf. I mean come on, it's perfect?!! I'm obsessed with how these wax melts came out and hope you are too, so let me run you through what exactly it means to get a bag of wax melt Gummy Bears.

As with everything in my shop these are made with Soy Wax and lots of love. Each Bag of Gummy Bears weighs at least 2 ounces and is full of the most adorable wax melts ever. From red to purple you'll be sure to feel like you're satisfying your sweet tooth as each of the five colors has its own unique scent.

Red - Strawberry
Orange - Gold Sugar
Yellow - Pina Colada
Green - Apple Pie
Blue - Cotton Candy
Purple - Blueberry Cobbler

Wax melts are perfect if you want to try out a scent before trying out a larger size! They're also perfect to pop in your warmer to enjoy a flame free burn! They make a great alternative to burning candles epically if your dorm or apartment doesn't allow it. Pop a chunk into your warmer and for hours enjoy the strong scent of your choice fill your room.
Books Tabs and Wicks wax melts come in two sizes; 3 Oz. Clamshells or 1.7 Oz. Shot Cups.