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Dingus | blue sugar

Dingus | blue sugar

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Who would I be if not someone to make multiple candles inspired by the character I simped the most for. My beloved Steve deserved a second candle inspired by his summer job scooping ice cream. This candle was designed to be a perfect pair to Robin's as they are a delightful duo and it's impossible to imagine them apart.
This candle is a light blue and topped with gold and red glitter. The scent is an amazing blue sugar; so it's sweet yet has just the perfect amount of musk to balance it.

- sweet sugar, marshmallow
- patchouli
- soft musk

** Due to the nature of soy candles, your candle may have "frosting", white snowflake-like patches. This is just a natural part of soy wax and besides the outwards appearance, your candle will still perform and smell wonderful. Because I, as a small business, small-batch my candles there may be slight variations from batch to batch. These are slight things like the exact color of the candle, but you will always receive a candle that smells and performs amazingly.

How to care for your candle:
- burn the candle until there is an even melt pool
- keep your wick trimmed to 1/4 inch
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