Create Your Own Candle - Custom Four Ounce Soy Candle - Personalized Candle Gift

Books Tabs and Wicks

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Design the candle of your dreams with complete control on everything from the scent to the label on the outside!

At Books Tabs and Wicks we'll work with you to out your creative candle dreams with our candle expertise to create the perfect custom soy candle for you! You can bring your favorite character to life, get your mom a thoughtful gift, or give the perfect housewarming candle; the possibilities are endless!

For your custom candle please include the following:
* color
* scent / scent idea
* glitter (if wanted)
* label ideas

    Books Tabs and Wicks offers a huge range of scents (so many it'd be absurd if I tried to list them), we have a wonderful selection of natural, woodsy, floral, bakery, musky, fruity, and oceanic scents which can be combined in an unimaginable variety of ways to get you the perfect candle. Feel free to use some suggested favorite combinations or come up with your own, no matter what I will work with you to make sure you get a perfect candle every time!