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“Mulder, it's me.” | x-files | nutmeg, rain, forest, & florals

“Mulder, it's me.” | x-files | nutmeg, rain, forest, & florals

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Mulder and Scully are one of the most iconic duos from the '90s. Mulder's constant and unfaltering belief in the unknown paired with his comedic timing go perfectly with Scully's no-nonsense attitude about the world, especially the supernatural world. This scent blend is totally unique and is a celebration of all things Mulder and Scully. The inspiration behind this blend largely comes from one of the most beloved lines from the show: "Mulder, it's Scully."

This is one of Books Tabs and Wicks most popular, long time selling candles so it only made sense to bring into our collection of wax melts. These melts smell like stepping into a wet and foggy forest on an adventure to solve some insane mystery. Notes of wet rain blend with nutmeg and tobacco to create an atmospheric earthy, sharp scent that perfectly represents X-files, Mulder's belief, & plenty of Scully's skepticism.

- light florals
- rain, ozone
- tobacco, nutmeg

Wax melts are perfect if you want to try out a scent before trying out a larger size! They're also perfect to pop in your warmer to enjoy a flame free burn! They make a great alternative to burning candles epically if your dorm or apartment doesn't allow it. Pop a chunk into your warmer and for hours enjoy the strong scent of your choice fill your room.
Books Tabs and Wicks wax melts come in two sizes; 3 Oz. Clamshells or 1.7 Oz. Shot Cups.

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