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001 / Vecna / Henry | birch, juniper, & smoke

001 / Vecna / Henry | birch, juniper, & smoke

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001, Vecna, Henry, whaterver you want to call him is evil incarnate. To finally meet the villian of this show has been an absolutely insane rollercoaster. He is brutal beyond belief and unrelenting. It's been nothing short of emotional watching a group of CHILDREN have to battle an interdimensional monster. 
This candle is dark, cold and as evil as he is; notes of birch trees that remind me of the upside down blend with cold notes of juniper berries giving it a sinister sweet smell with top notes of smoke from the end of the world. The dark grey color has swirls / splotches of black and red to really upside down-ify everything about this.

- birch
- juniper berries, elderberries
- smoke

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