Jack Frost | peppermint mocha
Jack Frost | peppermint mocha
Jack Frost | peppermint mocha
Jack Frost | peppermint mocha
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Jack Frost | peppermint mocha

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Let's bring the winter spirit to life with these melts inspired by the personification of winter himself; Jack Frost. Winter, ice, cold winds, and snow are characterized in by it's light blue color and mix of silver and blue glitters, snowflakes and blue hues. It's an absolutely adorable melt and the peppermint mocha scent makes the cold bite of the winter season disappear away with notes of sweet peppermint candy and creamy hot chocolate.

- creamy milk chocolate
- sweet candy cane
- mocha

    Shot Cup = 1.7 Ounces
    Clamshell = 3 Ounces

    Wax melts are perfect if you want to try out a scent before trying out a larger size! They're also perfect to pop in your warmer to enjoy a flame free burn! They make a great alternative to burning candles epically if your dorm or apartment doesn't allow it. Pop a chunk into your warmer and for hours enjoy the strong scent of your choice fill your room.
    Books Tabs and Wicks wax melts come in two sizes; 3 Oz. Clamshells or 1.7 Oz. Shot Cups.