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Watermelon Sugar Whipped Sugar Scrub

Watermelon Sugar Whipped Sugar Scrub

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Our Watermelon Sugar scrub is sweet and absolutely adorable. The colors are layered to look like a slice of juicy watermelon and don't worry they wash right off in the shower or bath and don't stain!
This scent is exactly like our candle by the same name. It's a sweet, tart blend of strawberry, watermelon, & kiwi! It's an absolutely fruity delight.

    Our Body Scrubs are made with organic sugar cane designed to give you a perfect polishing buff. They contain a blend of coconut oil, shea butter, & our soap base to give your skin a nourishing, hydrating polish as you buff. I especially love using mine before I shave!
    Body Scrubs are made fresh to order!
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