Demon Slayer inspired Soy Candles

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Can’t get enough Demon Slayer? Me either.

These candles are inspired by the characters who make the show as incredibly enjoyable as it is.

Inosuke who is stubborn and hardheaded, with an endless pit for a stomach is a masculine blend of leather, honey smoked bacon, & wisteria.

Zenitsu who may be timid is also sweet and caring… He also happens to be the biggest simp in the world. Inspired by his sweet attitude this candle smells like peach, a hint of amber, & wisteria.

Tanjiro is a natural leader and a fierce protector of those he loves. I adore him as the main character of the show. This candle is inspired by his rain powers and the setting he is in seemingly the most with a blend of cedar wood, rain storms, & wisteria. 

Nezuko or the demon girl adds a layer of mystery and intrigue into the world of Demon Slayer. Her existence seems to defy what being a Demon is. Despite her talent for fighting this candle is as sweet as Zenitsu thinks she is and has a simple yet darling Japanese cherry blossom scent.