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Haikyuu! | Team Karasuno High

Haikyuu! | Team Karasuno High

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Karasuno High

This is the first release of Haikyuu inspired candles. Each candle is inspired by a player from Karasuno High's team! These labels are designed to look like the jersey of the player making them the cutest decoration for any lover of Haikyuu! Each candle has a unique scent meant to represent the character. More than that however, each candle has a uniquely different appearance, with red dye scattered throughout the candle so that each burn gives a new look to your candle. 

01 Sawamura is the selfless captain of the team. He is patient (unless angered) and so his candle is a calming and reassuring blend of creamy cashmere and coconut vanilla. Simple yet effective. 

02 Sugawara is level headed and calm, as the vice-captain of the team he sort of has to be. He is well respected and looked up to by the younger boys and so it made sense to scent his candle with brown sugar and fig. The scent is comforting and self assured, perfectly reflecting Sugawara.

04 Nishinoya smells like a simple marshmallow fluff and creamy vanilla. His candle is sweet and nothing else to represent his constant amped up energy .

05 Tanaka is a calming blend of sea salt and cotton. It's a relaxing scent and the exact opposite of his personality. They say opposite attract and so it only made sense that I paired the loud troublemaker with something more calming. More than that it's a natural masculine scent bound to get Tanaka all the girls he dreams about. 

09 Kageyama is a blend of steel sugar and cotton. This candle is a clean, masculine musk with a hint of something sweet,. For his serious and stern demeanor he has his moments that reveal him to be as childish and sweet as his teammates. 

10 Hinata is a unique and standoutish blend of bubble gum and blood orange. It's bright, loud and in your face, packing the same unexpected and delightful punch that Hinata does on the court. 

11 Tsukishima smells like banana nut bread. Just like his personality this scent has a bit of a bite to it. The cinnamon and clove notes represent his antagonistic characteristics while the sweet banana and bakery notes remind you of all the reasons you love him.

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