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Wax melt snap bars are a new addition to Books Tabs and Wicks and I'm obsessed! They're small and a great way to try out a bunch of the scents in the Books Tabs and Wicks lineup. This listing features all of the scents that I consider to be staples of the shop!

Each snap bar is 1.7 Ounces.

"History Huh?" inspired by Red White & Royal Blue - Caramel Butter Cheesecake
"You're so Golden" - lavender + vanilla
"Mulder, it's Me" brings the adventures of Scully & Mulder to life straight from X Files - nutmeg, tobacco, rain, and lily
Treat People with Kindness - mango, coconut vanilla, + linens
Post Malone is our shop classic scent, inspired by my favorite musician - tobacco vanilla
Watermelon Sugar - strawberry kiwi, watermelon


Wax melts are perfect if you want to try out a scent before trying out a larger size! They're also perfect to pop in your warmer to enjoy a flame free burn! They make a great alternative to burning candles epically if your dorm or apartment doesn't allow it. Pop a chunk into your warmer and for hours enjoy the strong scent of your choice fill your room.